For all guests

Hi everybody! I’m opening this platform to share with you some of the vital information I have collected over the past years (and I will be collecting in the coming time). I hope to reach as many people as possible and to receive lots of comments, opinions, critics, integrations, etc. I also hope that the posts will generate interesting debates inside and outside this blog.

Please keep in mind that I don’t want to impose anything to you. As the title of the blog suggests, I’m simply sharing information, information that you can use in the way you prefer (including discarding as a whole) to create your own knowledge of the world and better interact with it. At any time feel free to share your own opinion; however, in order to create more interesting and useful debates, I recommend that you make the effort to support your opinions with logical arguments/counterarguments (which I am sure you have) and, when possible (this would be really great) with facts and figures. In this way we can collectively move forward our knowledge of the world.

Most of the posts will be links to other websites or electronic resources of the web, but I will try to include as much stuff as possible of my own hand (at least the title of each post will be original).

I plan to touch a broad variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • economics,
  • religion,
  • health,
  • politics,
  • science,
  • history.

… and a lot more.

I will also include “philosophical” posts where we simply share our views and feelings about life and our perception. The main purpose of this blog is to share information but some it will be good sometimes to take a step back from documents and reports and relax by sharing what’s in our mind. In relation to this, and also because I don’t want to bore my readers, I will include a lot of funny (but not stupid) stuff and use irony in my posts/comments whenever possible (and always with respect).
Other thing: most of the links/posts will be in English, but there will certainly be a good number of them that will be in Italian. This is due to the fact that:

  1. I’m Italian,
  2. there’s a lot of cool information generated by Italian authors,
  3. I will deal with topics specific to the Italian current and past situation.

For these posts, I will try to include an English translation, or at least an English summary or brief explanation.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy this blog and find it useful!
Per gli ospiti Italiani / for the Italian guests

Ciao a tutti! Dai lo so che l’Inglese lo capite percio’ non fatemi tradurre tutto in Italiano! Anche se la maggior parte dei post saranno in Inglese, vi posso garantire che ci sara’ parecchia roba in Italiano. Ovviamente se non vi va di commentare in Inglese fatelo pure in Italiano (anche se altri hanno commentato in Inglese). Se qualcuno di voi ha difficolta’ a capire alcune parti di scritto o parlato puo’ dirmelo e faro’ del mio meglio per aiutarlo/a.

Buona lettura e buona interazione!