In his recent publication, Italian Freemason Grand Master Gioele Magaldi revealed for the first time the existence of secret but highly influential supranational freemasonic lodges, known under the name of “Ur-Lodges”. These international Ur-Lodges include eminent people of the politics, finance, military, intelligence, religious institutions and other areas of society. Ur Lodges are highly selective and only affiliate people of high inclination towards esoteric research. Ur Lodges coordinate a variety of subordinate ordinary and para-masonic associations and institutions at a global level and, either directly or via their proxy associations, strongly influence major geopolitical and financial events, like economical crises, wars, political revolutions, terrorist attacks. For example the Trilateral Commission, a major geopolitical think-tank created in 1973 by David Rockefeller ( of which former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti was European Chairman), was the supported by the Ur Lodge “Three Eyes”, one of the most powerful neo-oligarchical Ur Lodges, which supported several ruthless dictatorships in the 60s and 70s.

As a common denominator, Ur Lodges are essentially country-less and act globally ( affiliates of the same Ur Lodge can come from Western countries, Middle-East, Russia, China …). This is in contrast with traditional Freemasonic lodges, whose area of influence and recruitment is limited to one particular country. Importantly, before we proceed with describing the Hathor Pentalpha Ur Lodge and its creation of the modern islamic terrorism, we must state that different Ur Lodges have very different tendencies and goals: while some are extremely progressive and liberal in their in their intents, other have the opposite tendency and are fundamentally conservative and neo-oligarchical.

According to Magaldi’s revelations (who is convinced to be able to publicly support with extensive documentation and several testimonies of high-rank affiliates of different Ur Lodges in case of any action for libel from any of the subjects he has named), the “Hathor Pentalpha” lodge is the most ruthless among the neo-oligarchical Ur Lodges. This Ur Lodge actively supported the major actions of the so called modern “Islamic terror”, starting from 9/11  up to creation of ISIS/Daesh and its recent terrorist attacks in France and Belgium.

According to the same source, Hathor Pentalpha was officially created in the summer of 2000 after complicated conflicts between other neo-oligarchic Ur Lodges. The early members of this lodge include Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol, the Bushes and Tony Blair and other so called “neocons“. The document Project for the New American Century calling for a new Pearl Harbor  was a creation of the Hathor Pentalpha. Since 2000 eminent personalities from Saudia Arabia (like the princes), Oman (like the sultan of the time), Qatar, Bahrein, Iran and Israel (like Ariel Sharon) joined Hathor Pentalpha (I’m not reporting all the names for brevity).

The list of the affiliates presented in Magaldi’s book also include several European names, like the Spanish Maria Aznar, the French Nicolas Sarkozy , the Italian former president of the Senate Marcello Pera, the Dutch Jan Peter Balkenende, the Polish Aleksander Kwasniewski and, very importantly, the actual Prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The embarrassing links between Turkey and ISIS (see also here ) are very much consistent with its alleged affiliation to the Hathor Pentalpha.

Last but not least, in 2009 the sinister terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, former leader of Iraq Al-Qaeda and current self-proclamed Caliph of ISIS, was released from the prison in which he was held since 2004 and was initiated to the Hathor Pentalpha with a “to-the-ear” initiation, a non-conventional form of initiation used for rapid and very secret affiliations.

Thus, ISIS and modern Islamic terrorism was cynically designed, created and support by the affiliates of the international Freemasonic lodge Hathor Pentalpha ( and in collaboration with other reactionary Ur Lodges).

According to me, the goal of Hathor Pentalpha is multifaceted: on one hand they probably want to instigate an overwhelming sense of fear that will push people to give away most of their personal freedoms in exchange of more perceived security, on the other hand they want to fuel a sense of division, mainly through islamophobia, to keep people divided and more easy to control and keep critical areas of the Middle East in a state of war and chaos.

I hope that this information will help understanding the deeper aspects of Islamic terrorism so that we don’t fall in the mouse trap that these extremely sinister but also very sly people have put forward for us.

Gioele Magaldi. “MASSONI. Società a responsabilità illimitata. La scoperta delle Ur-Lodges”, Chiarelettere Editore, Milano 2014.